Meaning “Temple on the Hill of the Whale”, Pu`ukoholā Heiau National Historic Site preserves the last major Hawaiian temple ( or heiau).

John Young (c. 1742 – 1835) was a British subject who became an important military advisor to King Kamehameha I during the formation of the Kingdom of Hawai’i. He was accidentally left behind by Simon Metcalf, captain of the American ship Eleonora, and along with a Welshmen Isaac Davis became a friend and advisor to Kamehameha.  He brought knowledge of the western world, including naval and land battle strategies to Kamehameha, and a strong voice on affairs of state for the Hawaiian Kingdom.  He played a big role during Hawaii’s first contacts with the European powers and spent the rest of his life in Hawai’i.  Between 1802-1812, John Young ruled as Royal Governor of Hawai’i Island while King Kamehameha was away on other islands.  He organized the construction of the fort at Honolulu Harbor.  The Hawaiians gave him the name ʻOlohana based on Young’s typical command “All hands”.