If you’re looking for something unique, educational and adventurous to do, look no further than Flumin’ Kohala, a scenic three mile guided kayak tour through the pristine Hawaiian back country. Travel back in time through the hand drilled and blasted ditch that brought much needed water to the people of Kohala in the early 20th Century. Constructed to provide water to sugar plantations, the Kohala Ditch is an impressive display of hard work, perseverance and master engineering skills.

Explore the otherwise inaccessible and beautiful rainforests of Hawaii Island, while local guides impart interesting historical facts and stories as you float through thousand foot tunnels and luscious landscapes. It really is at the perfect activity for both visitors and residents of all ages. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

History buffs will enjoy traveling back in time to the sugar plantation days while taking in the sights and sounds of the Kohala ditch. Visitors will hear about the construction on the ditch, which  began in 1904 to supply the large amount of irrigation water needed to cultivate the 10,000 acres of sugar cane in the area. Before the ditch was built, plantations relied on rain to water their crops. However, even though Hawai’i gets significant rainfall, it’s not always consistent, nor in the right places. In order for crops to survive, they needed a steady water source, and irrigation was the solution.

When the Kohala Ditch was completed in June of 1906, it stretched 26 miles. The ditch was instrumental in the success of the sugar industry that lasted for over 70 years. Today 13.5 miles of the original irrigation system are still being used to move up to ten million gallons of water daily to North Kohala.

Over 20,000 travelers a year experience the adventure of Flumin’ Da Ditch as they float through lush rainforests and mysterious tunnels. Knowledgeable tour guides  share tales and legends of the region’s history and culture, while meandering into back wooded areas inaccessible by other modes of transportation. Guests glide through 10 dark tunnels ranging from 100 to 1,800 feet in length, and float past beautiful waterfalls. Headlamps allow visitors to catch a glimpse of carved messages etched into the walls of the tunnels over 100 years ago by Japanese laborers.

Flumin’ Kohala is a fantastic way to spend a day on the Island of Hawaii. The sounds and smells of the rainforest alone are enough to fulfill the sensory needs of every visitor. Pack a towel (you’ll get wet!), wear closed toes shoes and bring a waterproof camera for a day of historical adventure you won’t ever forget!

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