Clockwise: starting with back row, far left side.

Left to Right starting with the first row.

Rachelle Hennings-Newman

Director of Sales and Marketing

Your first impression when you meet Rachelle is that she is a person of warmth, sincerity and integrity. Go with that first impression! Having moved to the Big Island with her family as a teenager, she has now accrued more than twenty years of experience locally in sales and marketing. Rachelle began as a radio account executive in the mid-1990s, and eventually began her own advertising agency in 2003. Her core belief is that she can help you achieve your marketing goals, using the parameters that you define. She’s practical, pragmatic, and tenacious about giving each client the very best service possible. She exemplifies the Aloha Spirit by her tireless work on several non-profit boards benefiting the Visitor Industry and the community at large; including North Hawaii Drug Free Coalition and the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii.

Cobey Ackerman

Discover Hawaii Hostess

Cobey is a one-of-a-kind, natural beauty in-front of the camera; you could even say she was born to be in this business, literally! Cobey is the hostess for Discover Hawaii and the daughter of company founders A.D. and Noel. She started working at BITV in 2008 after returning home from living on the mainland while attending school. Although learning many aspects of the business, Cobey soon ended up spending most of her time in front of the camera. Not just another cute island girl (although she is!), she exudes a warmth and sincerity that the camera captures as she talks to her audience. Cobey is totally enthusiastic about the people she meets and the places she discovers on the Big Island. Like everyone in her family, she loves sports and fitness, including surfing and running.

Denise Lindsey

Office Manager

Our always cheerful office manager has been with Big Island Television since 1988.  Denise began her communications career in radio broadcasting at KKON Radio in 1979, where she was an on-air broadcaster for many years before making a career change to Big Island Television.  Denise began here as a segment producer and female voice talent.  Today she’s an essential player with unparalleled organizational skills and far reaching responsibilities that extend to all departments.  She is definitely the glue that holds everything together!  A gal of small stature physically, it must be difficult for Denise to lug around her enormous heart of gold.  As a longtime volunteer with Special Olympics West Hawaii, she went to the World Games in China as a powerlifting coach for Team USA.  She also volunteers with the American Cancer Society, is an avid Blood Bank donor, volunteers at Third Circuit Court  and loves her two dogs Ziggy and Rocky (and her hubby Kevin too!).

Noel Black-Ackerman

Vice President

Everyone will tell you that Noel is the creative nucleus at BITV. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Colorado, and in 1979, received a B.A. in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. Raised in the islands, she returned to West Hawai’i with husband A.D., where he went to work on his family’s ranch, and Noel went to work as a photographer at West Hawaii Today. Together they began their fledgling production company Ackerman-Black Productions in 1980; the precursor to what would become BITV in 1985. Noel doesn’t like the limelight, but over the years she’s done enough community service for ten people, including the Salvation Army Advisory Board, Hawaii Island Food Bank, United Way, Red Cross, and more! A sportswoman, she’s been heavily involved in outrigger paddling for many years, and has a deep love of ocean sports.

A.D. Ackerman


A.D. and his wife and business partner Noel are the creative force behind which there would be no Big Island Television. Ackerman-Black Productions first set up shop in February of 1985 in Kainaliu, in the hills above Kailua-Kona. They remain there today, having blossomed into the important advertising and visitor industry tool they’ve become. A.D was born and raised on the Big Island. He graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography in 1979. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Pictures in hand, he returned to Hawai’i to pursue his lifelong passion. Today, as a successful businessman, A.D. is obviously very comfortable in his own skin. An avid waterman, he often looks like he’s just gotten out of the water (probably true!). His commitment to his community and to BITV, however, is as strong as it’s ever been. The company he and Noel created nearly 30 years ago continues to play a major supporting role in the development of Hawai’i’s future.

Lyman Medeiros

Cameraman, Editor and Producer

Lyman is a local celebrity! Everyone that has lived in West Hawai’i for a while knows his voice from his years as a local radio DJ, and his “mug” as the face of BITV. Lyman has been with BITV since the beginning, working originally as a producer and on-camera host. Today he’s ‘just’ a cameraman and editor, saying he was never meant to be a host:  “Just look at me.”  Truth be told, it is Lyman’s unassuming looks, disarming smile, and ‘golden’ radio voice that have made him so effective on camera. Years of experience allow him to get the most out of his interviews. He loves meeting new people with new and interesting stories. Locally born and raised in Hilo, the history and culture of Hawai’i are his passion. Lyman has worked with the Kona Coffee Festival and the American Cancer Society. He presently serves as a board member of Hospice of Kona.

Randall Quander

Cameraman, Editor and Producer

Randall has been with the company since 1987. A keen eye and a knack for envisioning a project from start to finish has solidified his spot with the team. He can do it all: write, produce, shoot and edit.  “Because we’re a small company, you have to learn how to do everything; and I think that understanding all aspects of production can only result in a well-focused product.”  Randy attributes his longevity to the culture of the company.  “The Ownership has given us total freedom and creativity, which is a unique combination in this business. To be living in such a beautiful place and working for exceptional people at something you love to do is a blessing. Aloha.”