Aloha and Welcome to Hawaii Island!

If you choose to see the sights on your own, please make  HIGHWAY SAFETY A PRIORITY.

Always follow the posted speed limits.

Buckle up all passengers, including those in the back seat.  Children under 9 years old must be in a baby seat or booster chair.

Texting, phone calls and driving impaired are all criminal offenses.

Hawaii is a hands free state, so Bluetooth enabled devices can be used.

Our long stretches of roads are not well lit, so please proceed with caution.

Never, ever pass on the right.  If there is a passing lane, slower vehicles are encouraged to use the right hand lane, so that faster traffic can pass on the left.

Left hand turns are forbidden during a red light.

Keep these simple tips in mind to ensure a safe journey.

This message is brought to you by:
Kohala Coast Resort Association and Hawaii Island Safety & Security Professionals Association.

For Police, Fire or Ambulance dial 911